Happy International Peace Day

What is your definition of peace?
Is it limited to a basic meaning?
Or does it stand for the absence of struggle?
For me, Peace is nothing but satisfaction
By that I definitely not mean absence of struggle
I mean a feeling of content
A feeling that makes you happy


” Everything that glitters is not gold “

What seems like beautiful and calm 

Can be hollow inside

What seems like lively and attractive 

Can be dead from within

Appearance can be deceptive 

So you have to look out 

Because you might not know who has it 

What? You will ask, then let me tell you

It is like pain in your heart , No don’t worry 

It isn’t contagious but it is fatal

Though it will not take a person’s life

But it will definitely kill what’s inside 

Spirit, soul or the zeal to be themselves

The person may lose interest in the activities he used to enjoy earlier

They will not be able to feel any emotion

They might even start to overthink

There will be many sleepless nights and lazy days 

In short they will become “roboman” (robot+ human)

And this my friend is what we call emptiness

Why Are We Afraid Of Ghosts

Is it really scary Or it’s just me?

Why Are We Afraid of Ghosts? 

Is it because they are said to be “scary” 

Let me tell you who we should actually be

scared of 


Humans are a type of species who

have even stereotyped  ghosts.

 They are expected to be scary, in cliche Indian movies they even have a “dress code”  (White Sari & Red Lipstick) 

Humans are so demanding that even a ghost can have existential crisis

I mean, come on have you ever thought or even expected a ghost to be calm and poor creature 

No! I swear these horror movies  have left us thinking them to be scary, teriffic and thirsty for blood.

What if it does not want to haunt you

 Why do we stereotype so much? 

Why do we expect so much, 

It isn’t the ghost we should be afraid of

It should be our mind, which is the residence

of all the evilness, biasness and what not. 

We might have never thought about it

 It is there where all the negativity is . 


A right is not a right when it has to be pleaded

A right that has to be pleaded is not a right.

While some women take advantage of the rights provided to them,

Many still are struggling to attain it

Sad! Isn’t it?

I can’t even imagine myself witnessing the condition of Afghanistan

What affects me more is the way woman are treated there now

To think of all the dreams girls might have for their future 

The joy of the fathers to be blessed with a daughter 

The plans of the mothers for their daughter’s marriage 

Just like their courage all this too would have shattered

And the one who have brought this misery are being hailed as heroes 

They are not heroes, they are mere humans who consider themselves to be powerful

An act that is tainted with the blood of innocent people can never be a heroic act .

Some day for sure there devious crimes will come to an end .

Till then may God protect the people of Afghanistan

Education: Does It Really Uplift People?

India being the seventh largest country in the world is a home to approximately 1.39 billion people. Out of the total population seventy-four percent of the people are educated.

What Does Education Aims At?

Education serves as a base for an individual. A stone when polished takes the shape of a precious gem. Similarly a person is born with raw skills which when polished with education takes the form of talent. This is what education aims at , to make an individual more responsible and polished in his work.
What People Think Education Is?

We often think that education is the amount of degrees that a person holds .We often find people flaunting their knowledge in a completely normal conversation .They desire to show how well-educated they are .Many often people mistake well educated to being able to take advantages of their right .
What Should A Well Educated Men Be Like ?
No one is perfect and yet people strive to show off their knowledge . But in reality a well- educated man is the opposite.
He never tries to show off his knowledge .
He would never take advantage of the rights provided to him.
He would always try his best to benefit others.
He would not misuse his powers
Where Does Our Education System Lack?

India experience a suicide rate of 12.90 % and most of them are at the age group of 18-25. The clear reason is pressure . Right from the age of six a child is labeled by his grades . The parents send their child to tuition and there they have to worry about their grades .During this age the child is just like a clay that can moulded in desired shape . During this age they should be taught things that would make them a better citizen . They should be taught about their country , or different ways to keep their environment clean, they should also be taught that males are allowed to cry and that females should be respected. If these values are taught from the very beginning we will surely see changes in our society.
This is what sums up to be a proper education . And any one who posess such qualities are considered to be “well educated”

Religion : A Shield Or A Sword

I respect all religions, but I’m not a deeply religious person. But I try and live life in the right way, respecting other people. I wasn’t brought up in a religious way, but I believe there’s something out there that looks after you.

David Beckham

The most debated topic nowadays is RELIGION. The word “ religion” is made from the  words “re” and “ligare” which means binding together .  Something that binds the finite with infinite that is a man with god.

Though being an  admirer of every religion, I do not consider myself to be a religious person .  The definition of being religious for me is different from that of others . For them  being religious means being thorough with scriptures and mythology  , being totally inclined towards their respective religion, believing their god to be true .This often makes them think that other religions are inferior. 

I believe  “ There is  only  one God ” who is worshiped in different forms and that teaches the same thing directly or indirectly. I cannot agree  more with Mahatma  Gandhi as he said 

 “  I  believe in the  fundamental truth of all religions of the world. And I believe if only we could , all of us ,read the scriptures of the different faiths from the standpoint of the followers we should find that they were at bottom all one and at one point stand with each other”

I don’t want to bound myself with only one belief . I admire the sacrifice of Christ to free his followers of their sin. I feel amazed at how Zakaat (charity) is important for every Muslim. I feel proud  to see how in Gurudwaras langar is provided without discrimination.  I feel blessed  every time I learn new morals and ethics  from Mahabharat and Ramayana . All in all every religion connects us with the almighty and provides us support or simply acts as our shield . 

But the moment we start to defame other religions without realizing  that by defaming one we defame them  all ,for God is one and only then religion starts playing it’s role of a sword.




I understand how difficult it might be for you

When women come out wearing short clothes .

I mean come on, how could you stop staring

How can you act like a gentleman?

I understand how difficult it would be for you to grope their gentle hands 

How sad it might be for you when they cry on your act 

But someone ought to take a stand right, and then you decide to teach them a lesson.

You cannot stop but think how foolish a man is to think women are their equal! 

Totally agreed for women don’t have any right 

And when one woman thinks that they are your equal ,only to correct them you take charge 

You do all that you can to defame them 

You considering yourself to be some great person do things that you think she deserves .

Let me tell you , you are not a human 

You are an incarnation of demon that has his brains in his phallus .

For women are not an object and it is not the length of her clothes that matters but is the intensity of brain that you are left with.


What Does A Woman Wants?

Peter sat with a flower in his hand
Thinking on which path will the decision land
Plucking each petal he said
“I know her” “I don’t know her”
I know her right? For I know she loves black,
And a cat makes her mad.

But still she says I don’t know her
Should I buy her jewels, rubies or fur ?
Does she wants me to do that ?
Or should I buy her a hat?
She says her smile is but a lie
For all she does from within is cry
And yet all I do is try
I cannot understand what does a woman wants?

And there he asked the question that was in many men’s head
Many think all that women want is money
Well , yes they do but their self-earned money.
What a woman seeks is respect
What she desires is love
What she yearns for security.


What is it that swirls within me?
And by that I just don’t mean small rounds somewhere in my body,
It is something weird, kind of serious and destructive .
And please don’t take it to be some physical problem
For I know it isn’t
How do I know ?
Because a scared me is sitting there curled up
She told me that she is waiting for the tempest to subside,
And here am I ,waiting for her
To come and make me as I was before .

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